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What Are The Best Painting Tools For Your Home?

The artist’s tools are only as good as the piece of art. The homeowner is the artist, and the home the work. The best tools for painting a house should be used if you want it to reflect your personality and look beautiful. The right tools are crucial in achieving the perfect texture, smoothness, and finish. A great home paint job will not only brighten the room, but it will also bring life to the cement and bricks. The colour of a house speaks volumes about its owner. Its bedroom, living room and kitchen are all reflections of the individual. The right tools and paints are essential to transforming a house into a reflection of one’s personality.

These are the top painting tools used by Summerville Painter that will transform a dull space into a fun place!

Wall Cleaner

Before you start painting, make sure the walls are clean. An unclean wall can cause paint bubbles or prevent paint from blending with the surface. This could cause paint to bubble up and ruin any future painting. Most people prefer to use a sponge with the cleaner.


Painter’s and regular tape are two different things. While masking tape or regular tap is more durable so it won’t come off easily, painter’s adhesive is less sticky so it doesn’t leave any residue or chip paint. The method of application plays an important role, as well as the brand and quality of the tape. Experts recommend that you wipe the tape clean with a damp cloth following application. It is important to note the coming off date. Although it can vary from brand to brand, it usually lasts between 15 and 30 days.

Paint Brushes

The right paint brush is crucial for the final result. It is important to consider the size of your paintbrush. You can determine the right size paintbrush based on how big the job is. Each size has a purpose. You should consider the quality and brand of the bristles.


Painting is not limited to brushes. It is better to use a roller for large surfaces like walls and ceilings than a brush, as the former can cover more surfaces in one stroke and spread the paint evenly. There are three types of rollers:

This is a short version of the gloss finish that can be used with glossy paints. It does not hold much paint, but gives a smooth finish.

Medium: These paints are compatible with all types of paints. They work best on smooth surfaces.

Long: They are ideal for semi-rough or rough surfaces like bricks. Their paint holding capacity is great, ensuring full coverage on textured surfaces.

Cleaner For Paint Brushes

It is not cheap to buy a quality paintbrush. You must ensure that your paint brushes are clean and dry regularly to prevent them from getting stuck or permanently damaged by dry paint.

Paint Roller Trays

The paint roller tray is essentially a dinner plate without the compartments. It provides a flat surface to roll on. This tool is essential to prevent spillage. It is important to ensure that there is no spillage when painting your house. Experts recommend that you use a heavy plastic tray instead of a metal one to allow paint to flow more easily.

Extension Pole – Roller

To paint high ceilings or surfaces that are difficult to reach with a ladder, an extension pole is required. A two-foot extension pole is sufficient for most surfaces. However, it’s important to consider the ceiling height.

Plastic Bucket

This is a great way to save time and labor. You can simply pour the paint in a plastic container and dip your brush/roller into it each time you need to coat. This is much easier than using a gallon.

Touch Up Tool

This tool is essential for quick touch-ups when a wall starts to lose its colour. You can find this tool in most hardware shops. If you have a surface that needs a quick job, it can hold a lot of paint.


This is the most essential tool. Without it, a painting job cannot begin. A sturdy, stable ladder is essential, and preferably one that can be adjusted. Painting can be dangerous work. It is better to invest in a sturdy ladder than on hospital bills. Don’t forget to research the surface to be painted as well as the amount of material required before you buy the tools. Don’t buy unnecessary tools, consult the professionals.


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